Our team of experts helps businesses achieve end-to-end transformation and ongoing optimization. What global business trends do you think we’ll see in 2020? , Small And Midsize Businesses Artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics will make this shift as significant as the mechanization in prior generations of agriculture and manufacturing. They were – by far – the largest generation ever in the history of the United States, and their effect was seen and felt everywhere: from music to culture to, yes, business. Here are the global business trends we predict will be game changers this year: LinkedIn recently released its Jobs of Tomorrow report for 2020, predicting emerging jobs for the next year. Companies may also perform more corporate training to retrain current staff. Globally, the economy is predicted to face some challenges in 2020 – namely trade uncertainty, interest rate changes (such as the recent U.S. Federal Reserve cuts), slowed down global growth, and increased international competition. Over the past 10 years, the global business landscape has dramatically transformed. In 2020, professional services firms will struggle with how AI can … Technology should be utilized in the digital transformation journey to help navigate economic uncertainty by finding efficiencies, making more accurate demand forecasts, and promoting agility. Future of Work, Part 2 of the “2020 Strategies and Insights for Midsize Companies” series, Although I don’t practice law anymore (I came to my senses long ago, thank you very much! While AI and automation won’t replace the need for humans, in 2020 we expect to see more robust and strategic technology used to bolster the workforce of the future. According to a recent survey by Bankrate, nearly 40% of all Americans now do their own thing and have a side hustle. For instance, Material Handling & Logistics reported that researchers at the University of Washington have used machine learning to develop a system that assesses ergonomic risk for warehouse workers. As Stephane Kasriel, the CEO of the remote working platform UpWork, explains. It is being driven by the technology to help us do that. Similarly, millennial employees expect to not only be able to work virtually and flexibly, but also, they expect that they will be given the tools and freedom by their employer to do so. The future of work is being shaped by two powerful forces: The growing adoption of artificial intelligence in the workplace, and the expansion of the workforce to include both on- and off-balance-sheet talent. In the last four months, work has changed drastically. These global trends present challenges for businesses, but also the opportunity to excel. According to IDC Manufacturing Insights, by the end of 2021, half of all manufacturing supply chains will have invested in supply chain resiliency and AI resulting in productivity improvements of 15%. The good news is that companies are making remote work easier, more productive, and more possible. Download the IDC infographic, sponsored by SAP, “The Roaring 2020s – Six Trends Midsize Companies in the Next Decade.” And we invite you to join our upcoming webinar for a deeper dive into each of these trends and what you can do now to take advantage of them. In 2020, we can expect to see even more innovations that will shape the future of work and beyond. Mental health conversations in the workplace. Instead, what we are increasingly seeing is that cities like Portland, Austin, and the like are highlighting their towns as a great lifestyle choice for today’s top talent, emphasizing things like affordability, nightlife, and sustainability. Share with us on social media. What is it about coworking? As Strategy+Business put it, “…you can no longer treat investments in these areas as a cost, as you might have in the past — you now need to view these investments as a means to unlock value.”. At the same time, consumers are also demanding more from businesses — more transparency, more sustainability, and more personalization. Download Mercer’s 2020 Global Talent Trends Study today. Technology can also help achieve a better brand reputation, such as through improving production process sustainability and reducing businesses’ carbon footprints by using a demand-driven operating model. Learn how leading companies use knowledge, intuition and empathy to build inclusive prosperity and bright futures in the future of work. SME If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. So, as it turns out, I was a bit of a forerunner in that regard. Traceability, a critical part of the supply chain process, will take precedence in 2020. | Are you ready for flextime and remote work and BYO devices and gig workers and all the rest? All rights reserved worldwide. [Updated on June 13, 2020] Remote work is changing how the global workspace operates. The resulting report, 2020 Future of Work Report: What the Future Holds for Coworking & Remote Work, ... Future Trends for the Flexi-Workspace. Guest Column: Priyanka Agrawal, Co-founder, COO and Chief Strategy Officer, Fractal Ink … Top Work Trends For 2020 And Beyond. While uncertainty may be coming in 2020, digital solutions are what will help guide businesses through the doubt with big data, predictive analytics, and more efficient workflows. Welcome to the future of work… Apply for a new position using a biometric CV. This confluence – of millennials, technology, and attitudes – means that your staff will increasingly expect to work when, where, and how they want. And they are using the digital tools that companies like SAP are creating to forge something altogether new and surprisingly analog: A better, more connected way of working with each other, with employees, with employers, and with customers. This revolution is about breaking free of geography. The HQ2 race only exemplified what an old, outdated strategy trying to lure corporations to a city is. 19-December-2019 The future of work … Fourteen Trends in the Future of Work Here are twelve leading trends that we see meaningful movement in when it comes to developing and improving the employee experience: Employee experience will see more concerted leadership attention and increased levels of investment in 2020. As competition increases, improving the customer experience and the supply chain process will become increasingly important. Harvard Business Review reported that In July 2019, Amazon announced plans to invest $700 million to upskill 100,000 employees. ), I started out back in the day working for a big firm in the big city. 2019 was the year that burnout–a syndrome resulting … Reach out to us today for a consultation. So yes, of course, the 9 to 5 era is fading away, and the one of flexible work is just getting started. “As technology untethers society, and remote work becomes the norm, people will live in the cities of their choosing, rather than the ones that are nearest to where they work. The future of work: Top collaboration trends for 2020 As we move into a new decade, we continue to battle the workplace practices of the 20th century. We live experientially. Technologies. In a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down, remote work is … Automation of routine work with artificial intelligence (AI), digital dexterity, and hybrid work with distributed workforce will be three key trends impacting the future of work, according to Gartner. “People know that place-bound work no longer makes sense. Future of Work Disruption lies ahead. , 2020 Predictions, How To Lead A Midsize Business Through Times Of Risk And Unpredictability, Midsize Retailers Expand Their Communities In Response To Crisis, Four Reasons Why Professional Services Can Emerge Stronger From Extensive Disruption. And I mention this, not out of ego (well, maybe a little bit) but more because the trends that are coming down the pike will affect a business near you or, more likely, yours. The future of work GetSmarter’s ‘The Future of Work Is Here’ report revealed that a majority of respondents point to technology as one of the main drivers of change within their organizations over the past 18 months. Worker digital dexterity will become critical. In 2020, SYSPRO CIO Kevin Dherman predicts that advanced food tracking and packaging will play a pivotal role in risk detection vs. disaster recovery.
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