If you've got one in your pocket, it could be worth as much as £15.59. Find one, and it could sell for around £2.20 on eBay. Most of the designs sell to collectors for between £1 and £2. It's perhaps not surprising that the N for NHS 10p has moved up the scarcity list, given the tough year healthcare staff have had following the coronavirus crisis. They usually deal in very old coins but they may be able to help you assess whether it’s worth selling your coin at auction or whether it would be valuable to a collector. Do you have a story for The Sun Online Money team? While the index doesn't necessarily correspond to value, it is an effective indicator. Use this data as a base guide and do your own full research before buying and selling coins. Mintage: 19,900,000; Value based on 172 sold circulation coins. Keep up with all the latest rare coins and notes thanks to our handy hub page. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click this link: thesun.co.uk/editorial-complaints/, The Kew Gardens 50p coin has topped the scarcity index again in November, Five out of the top six most in demad coins are from the 2012 London Olympics set, The Kew Gardens coin could fetch over £200 on eBay, The 2012 Olympics Football 50p is worth up to around £14 on eBay, Uncirculated sets of the 2019 coins cost £45 directly from the Royal Mint, Royal Mint sparks coin hunt with 26 new 10p coins including 'ice-cream' and 'queuing', prices of as much as £373.53 on the auction site, Olympics set sold for £590 on eBay last August, most popular 50ps to celebrate half a decade of the coin, £90 collectors' proof sets sold out in February, so you can find out the value of each of the 24 £1 coin designs, which error coins can bag you the most dosh, new Peter Rabbit coin which could be worth £840, 50p coin celebrating his scientific work a year on from his death, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). For coin collectors with a Yeoman Wander 10p in their collection, you could be looking at making £3.50. They will usually supply you with a letter to confirm this. In short, the Paddington Bear 50p coins you find in your change are worth about… 50p. £1 coins aren't as sought after because the 12-sided pound hasn't changed in design since its launch in 2017. Email us at money@the-sun.co.uk, ©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. The £90 collectors' proof sets sold out in February but you can still get uncirculated sets for £45 directly from the Royal Mint. Coins with mistakes tend to be among the highest values because of their extremely limited numbers. 70 different fifty pence coins are in … But if you include definitive coins – meaning those produced annually – then the second rarest 50p design is the 2017 Royal Shield of Arms. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. Many coins can be worth much more when sold on eBay as part of a collection. Up to 771,750 of these coins were issued in 2002. Rather than just basing a coin's value on the rarity, Changechecker.org looks at two other key pieces of information. Even if your coin “sells” on eBay for a high price there’s no guarantee that the buyer will cough up. We found the most in demand 50p sold on eBay for up to £230 - 660 times face value - but Changechecker estimates that you can sell the coin for up to £120 on eBay. While a rare Falkland Islands 50p coins featuring a … This coin was originally designed by Matthew Dent following a public competition. View our online Press Pack. If you’re thinking of flogging a coin, it’s worth remembering that it’s only really worth what someone is willing to pay for it. If you’ve got a coin that you would like to sell at auction then you can contact a member of the British Numismatic Trade Association. According to new figures published in … We had a look at how much the next top six coins on the index are worth. THE most valuable coins are usually those that have low mintage numbers or those with an error. The most eBay can do is add a note to the buyer's account about the unpaid item or remove their ability to bid and buy. If a bidder refuses to pay, then the only option for sellers is to give “second chance offers” to other bidders or relist the item. The big winner is the Kew Gardens 50p. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. Some of the rarest and most valuable UK stamps and coins have been revealed – and some are worth over half a million pounds. Some 50p coins are worth considerably more than their face value, with eagle-eyed collectors, or numismatists, willing to pay huge sums for rare … The 2002 Commonwealth Games Northern Ireland £2 coin tops the scarcity index list for £2 coins. Benjamin Bunny 50p. Here are the most up to date mintage charts for UK 50p coins in circulation, with the UK’s rarest circulation 50p, Kew Gardens sat in top spot with the lowest mintage figures – just 210,000 of this coin were struck! Ever thought about collecting Gibraltar 50p coins? Take a look at the 44 coin designs released since 1997. That's according to an eBay listing that accumulated 22 bids on November 1. As This includes how many of each coin are listed as "collected" by members of the site, which indicates the relative ease of finding a particular coin. In the past, we've revealed the most valuable sought after coins after one seller pocketed £5,000 from flogging his Battle of Hasting's 50p.